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Precision (Components) Machining

Some precision (Aluminum, Steel, Brass, etc..) components that can not be made from Die-Casting or special finishing (like anodizing etc..) requested, the best way is to use Precision Machining to realize.

In order to meet the requirements of the high-end customers, we have introduced high precision CNC equipments and tools for precision parts and small batch or batch production;

Milling + Turning Centre
CNC Milling
Quality Control Dept.

Our products are widely used in automobiles, photography, aerospace, mechanical equipment, electric power and other industries.

  Small Batch Production
Plastic Components
Steel assembly
Aluminum Components

  Batch Production
Brass Components
Aluminum Components
Aluminum Components

ST,SS, Components
Brass Components
Auto (Aluminum) Component

Brass Components
Aluminum Component

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